Rob Larsson


Rob Larsson started playing guitar in 1973 and played in various garage bands playing mostly heavy material: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix etc. As time went on he began doing more acoustic material as part of the 70’s post-Woodstock generation, moving on to more folk-oriented flavours, such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, America, Bob Dylan among others. It took a while to develop his vocals and with time he became confident to perform as a solo singer-songwriter. He spent years busking and performing private parties with an extensive repertoire of cover tunes.

In 1979 he played in a cover band called “Black Rose” using the pseudonym, Bob Wynwood, in upstate New York performing the club circuit for 12 months. He played lead and rhythm guitar and sung as well. Then he came back to Montreal in 1980 and started playing solo again and opened for John Cougar on the "American Fool Tour,” and then, Carolyne Mas for the "Hold On Tour” at the “Spectrum,” then known as “Le Club Montreal.”

In 1981, he joined an original reggae band called “Heeter Zone,” which developed a huge following with the Punk and Alternative crowd in Montreal and appeared on the television show “Stepping Out. Heeter Zone also opened for Duran Duran in 1982 and Fingerprintz at the Lime Light in 1983. Some of the members left and the band reformed as “Rocket Society.” The band continued to perform local shows in Montreal bars and often performed at “Jungle Bash’” shows at Concordia University.

In 1984, he went into the Studio to record his first solo demo called “Black On Blond” with Heeter Zone members Jimmy Mack, on drums, and Orville Thompson, on Saxophone. The demo was released and aired on “CHOM FM’s New Music Foundation” that same year with critical acclaim. The demo had a major influence of Reggae, Funk, and Alternative styles. He also recorded 2 songs with 16 tracks as part of a project for a student at Trebas Recording Arts & Science program.

By 1989, after Rocket Society broke up, Rob Larsson kept writing and recording original songs and began working with other musicians and created a short lived band called “Tongue and Cheek.” They played private parties with an all-original repertoire. There were three key members Jenifer Clare Pearson, on percussion and back vocals, with Bruno Moisan on Drums and Trombone. Rob Larsson wrote and arranged all the material. “Tongue and Cheek” was short lived, but then a new band was formed with the same members called “Scat Man Go.” The band developed a healthy following playing local gigs in Montreal. There were many changes with bass players and this took it’s toll on the band and eventually broke up doing their last show video taped at “Foufounnes Electriques.”

Since then, he has kept writing material and went back to recording solo; playing all instruments and producing himself, until “Sly Faith” emerged, and became the major focus to keep on writing more material. Presently, there is much more material in the works to be completed and it shouldn’t be too long before the next Sly Faith album "Another Day" will be done.